четверг, 22 июля 2010 г.


Web Address www.shutterstock.com
Google Pagerank 6
Google Backlinks 5,120
Alexa Rank 1,678
Image Stats 1,890,477
Minimum Image Size 2.5 MegaPixels
Vectors Yes
Footage Yes
Licenses Standard and Enhanced
Compensation $0.25 per download, or $0.33 if you have more than $500 total earnings
Pricing Subscription, from 1 month ($199) to 1 year ($1,999). Limit 25 images/day, 750/month.
Payment Methods PayPal, MoneyBookers, Check
Payout Automatic monthly payout when your balance is above $100
Referral Program 20% of purchases up to $50, $0.03 for contributor sales
Application Process Upload 3 images for review
Exclusivity Not offered
Upload Methods HTML Form, ActiveX and FTP
IPTC Data Yes
Currencies US Dollar
Languages English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish
Headquarters New York, USA
Founder Jon Oringer

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