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Удаление файлов из портфолио

  • Shutterstock: Go to “Stats: Status of Submitted Photos” and click on “Approved Photos” tab. Find the batch that contains the original uploaded image (it helps if you know the approx. date of upload.) Click on the “X” at the right hand edge of the image details to delete.
  • 123RF: In the menus at the foot of the page, choose “History.” View stats for the month you uploaded the image, and then click on “View Images” for the range of dates to find the specific upload batch containing your image. Check the box “Delete this photo” and click “Save” at the foot of the page to complete the deletion.
  • Fotolia: Got to “My Files” and then the “Upload Files” tab. Find the image (sort by date to get to the approx. date of upload quickly.) Delete the file using the link at the far right of the row containing your image.
  • iStockPhoto: Click “My Account: Contributor Tools: My Uploads” from the bottom toolbar. Then click on View my Portfolio to get a searchable view of all your images. Search for the image in the Keywords box. Click on the appropriate image to open up the details page for that photo. Click “Administration” in bottom right and then enter a reason for deactivation in the “Reason” box. Finally click “Deactivate File.”
  • Dreamstime: In Management Area, select “Online Files” and then filter the full list by entering keywords into the search box. On the particular image, click “Edit” and then “Disable” on the bottom row of the details page to delete the image.
  • CanStockPhoto: Click on “My Portfolio” to list all the files. Order by “Approved” to find the date of upload. Click “Edit” and then “Delete” followed by “Done.”
  • BigStockPhoto: You can’t delete an image on BigStock from their website. Contact support using the Contact form on “Contact Us” and give them the image ID and reason for deletion.
  • DepositPhotos: Click “Files: Online Files” from the contributors page, and find the image by moving to the appropriate upload date. You can enter a page number in the blank box to get there more quickly. Once the image has been found, click on “Deactivate.”
  • YayMicro: Click on “My Portfolio” under Photographer in the account Profile. Filter the portfolio by entering keywords in the search box. Click on the image in question, and then click the small “X” in the bottom left under the image.
  • Crestock: Request deletion via email to help@crestock.com with the image ID number and reason.

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